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Sell A Medical Practice Without A Broker


Michael James, MD


This is quite possibly the most disruptive site in the recent history of physicians selling their practices. As a doctor trying to sell my practice, I was under the impression that using a broker was the only way to go. So I did. Six months, zero buyers, and a non-refundable $2,500 later, I decided to take matters into my own hands. A quick Google search landed me here at Selling A I used some of the free do-it-yourself information on the website to get started, but didn't want to get bogged down in the details. Now, a year later, I'm happily retired. Jason and the staff there allowed me to relax and focus on my transition while they did the dirty work. I may be an old-fashioned doctor, but this modern approach worked best for me. 

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A New Approach to Selling a Practice

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A Case Study, Us Versus A Broker

One simple way to understand the difference between the way we help buyers and sellers and the way a broker works is to analyze the potential cost difference between a clinic selling for, say, $100k. Let's say you use a broker who asks for a relatively low retainer of $1,000 and a bargain-basement fee of 10% of your final gross sales price, payable upon signing a sales agreement with a buyer.

Let's also assume that you have a successful sale at $100,000. The broker may have put up to 15 total hours into your deal (putting your practice in the template listing on their website; using a sales agreement template for the contract; and talking you through some speed bumps).

In the end, the retainer is wrapped into the final fee you pay the broker. They get $10,000 (10% of your gross sale price) for 15 hours of work. That works out to roughly $666 per hour for them. Given that many brokers take much more than 10% (sometimes up to 30%), and many practices sell for much more than $100k, the hourly breakdown could go much higher. 

Contrasting that same deal with the way we work:

If we're doing the whole deal, start-to-finish, from organizing a practice for sale to finding a buyer; from creating the sales contract to helping in the transition out of the practice, the average total cost in our experience comes to about $3,000. Dividing by our rate of $145/hour, that means we bill for a total of 20 hours of work. So in the example above, using us, you'd pay 70% less and get an additional 30+% of time and energy from us as well.

A lot more bang for a lot fewer bucks.

In fact, that's less than one-third the price for 30+% more hours spent on your deal.

Keep in mind that those numbers assume you're having us do a deal from start to finish. Many of our transactions involve having us do only a small portion of a deal, such as helping find a buyer, or create a sales contract. Note that a broker will only get involved if they get to participate in the entirety of the sales process. 

If you're ready to find out what we can do for you, simply get in touch with us via one of the methods below. We promise to get right back to you to listen and help create a plan that works for you.

How To Sell a Medical Practice



You need to get your ducks in a row before you can sell your medical practice. We can help get your financials ready and have the right questions answered for yourself and your potential buyers.


The true value of a practice isn't a simple formula; rather, it's what a buyer is willing to pay. We know about practice valuation and how to set the right price, and would be happy to talk to you about it..

Find A Buyer

Simply listing your practice for sale on a website doesn't get you a buyer. We use unique methods to find that needle in the haystack, demographically targeting the perfect person to take over. 

Create A Contract

Your purchase contract needs to reflect the uniqueness of your practice. It's a straight-forward process when done right. Let us help you create a contract that's right for you.

Seal The Deal

Transitioning a buyer into a practice is a delicate process for you, your patients, and employees. Click here for some proven strategies that work to reduce attrition and ensure a smooth hand-off.

Selling An Acupuncture Practice

Jason Luban helped me sell my medical practice.

Angela Chen - Acupuncturist

A colleague recommended Selling A to me. I had very little time (was moving out of the area in 3 weeks!), had sold my house, and was ready to walk away from my practice. I spoke with Jason at Selling A, who encouraged me to reach out to a few local "competitors," advised me on negotiating with interested parties, drew up the NDAs and contracts, and I successfully sold my practice in under a month! Jason had a lot of experience as both a practitioner and with practice sales, so he could offer ideas on how to get prospects and advice on the pitfalls to avoid. It was worth every penny to have him write up the final contract. I highly recommend working with; my only regret is not having found them earlier in the selling process!

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*From January 2017 to November 2019. Including Medical Doctors (MDs), Osteopaths (DOs), Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Dentists, Physical Therapists, Speech Therapists, Veterinarians, and other healthcare-related businesses.

What Others Are Saying

Professional, Kind, and Patient

Thank you so much for everything you've done! We closed this morning and I couldn't be more thrilled. When I reached out to you I had no idea if I was going to be able to get anything from my practice. I mean, I knew I had a good thing, but I knew absolutely nothing about selling a practice. From your free initial consult to every conversation we had, you were utterly professional, kind, and patient. You guided me thru every step of the process: evaluation, marketing, vetting a buyer, and sorting out the contract. All of this to help make the close this morning happen! Now I can move onto my next endeavor glad that I have great acupuncturists taking care of the patients I leave behind while I have some financial cushion to aid in my transition! I couldn't have asked for a better guide thru this process. You way undercharge so I hope this testimonial helps to pay your goodwill forward!

James Rohr, LAc (Former) Owner, Acupuncture Williamsburg

A Unique Perspective

Working with Jason through my decision making process was so helpful. If you're considering selling your practice and don't know where to start, I recommend reaching out to him! He has a unique perspective having sold his own practice and having helped others through their business transactions and also life changes. At each step of my process, he's been a real asset - non-judgmental, knowledgable, patient and able to guide. I also really like that he charges a consulting fee in lieu of taking a percentage of the sale. You really can't go wrong with having him on your side.

Collen Canyon Owner, Acupuncture for Athletes, LLC

Selling The Building With The Practice

When it was time to sell my practice and building, Selling A provided invaluable assistance through the entire process. I first reached out to them and spoke with Jason when I was just beginning to consider selling. Though I didn't originally intend to sell for another year or so, one thing led to another and now, barely six months later, both are sold!

Surfing the details of selling a 3000 square foot building with 8 tenants, and a busy three-provider practice with 7 employees, was a very complex undertaking that Jason handled seamlessly. He helped draft the perfect Asset Sale Agreement reflecting contract law in my state, and he coordinated with my real estate broker to make sure the real estate sale and practice sale came to simultaneous completion without a hitch. Because of the complexity and inter-contingency of the two sales (involving banks, real estate brokers, lenders, lawyers, accountants, and emotions on both sides), there were many details to attend to. Whenever I needed Jason's advice, he was there, often checking in before I knew I needed his advice! When I needed help in negotiations that were both intricate and sensitive, Jason proactively positioned me for all contingencies in advance.

I could not have completed this sale without Jason's expertise and knowledge of practice sales. If you are considering selling (or buying) a practice, I encourage you to speak with someone who has experience both as a physician and with buying and selling medical practices. Speak with Jason--his ethics and knowledge are beyond reproach.

Buying A Practice

As an Acupuncture student, it can be a little nerve wrecking to step out of school and figure out what the right move is after school. My journey began searching for a mentor who would be willing to take me on as an apprentice so I can convert the knowledge I've learned in school and apply it in a clinical setting. I found a mentor, an Acupuncturist who has mastered the art of Japanese Acupuncture for the past 24 years. I felt so honored that he said yes to my apprenticeship. I found myself in an opportunity to buy his practice and I agreed to it. This is where I met Jason. Jason took me through the journey of answering all my questions and also guiding me through a process I knew very little about. He put me at ease at times when I felt overwhelmed and was the bridge between me and my mentor to allow a smooth flow of communication which made the negotiations and contract signing easy. If you're looking to buy or sell a practice, I highly recommend you spend some time with Jason to understand his perspective and how he suggest going about the procedure. He charges very little for putting out such a high quality of service.

Chaas Gantt

Sounds Advice on Purchasing and Selling Practices

I've consulted with Jason about both purchasing and selling practices. He is so generous with his knowledge and my gut always jives with his suggestions. I usually feel validated when I ask him what to do in certain business situations. His advice and knowledge is very sound! I will definitely ask Jason for help in selling my practices when the time comes.

Sharon Pruss CEO, Blossom Wellness & Fertility

Every Sale Is Unique

Working with Selling A Practice was my first foray into the idea of selling my practice, as such I had no knowledge of the details of the process. Jason was very patient and informative in helping me understand what was needed, and even though we had some challenges selling the practice, he was very willing to work extra at no additional cost to try alternatives to the original plan. For me this is a rare quality where simple right and wrong is placed above profit margins. I would be comfortable recommending to other practitioners.


Jason is very professional and easy to work with. He made an extremely daunting task very simple and straight-forward. I had a buyer lined up but I needed a legal contract that included everything I didn't even know I needed to protect both me as the seller as well as my successor, the buyer. The buyer even commented on how impressed she was that the contract protected both of us so well.

Jason is extremely responsive and organized and he made the contract process a breeze. I was impressed with his knowledge and expertise in this area. It's not everyday you run into someone with specialized experience in selling an acupuncture practice as well as the legal understanding of the entire process and all of the things that someone needs to consider legally when doing so.

I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking to sell their practice.

Danielle Hennes Acupuncture

Medical Practice Valuation

I recently converted my Community Acupuncture & East Asian Medical Clinic to a non-profit and needed a business valuation done for the IRS. I had been looking around for months trying to find someone who knew ANYTHING at all about valuing a medical practice. No one seemed confident that they knew what they were doing and all were totally beyond our price range.

I stumbled on Jason at Selling A Practice almost by accident, and am so happy to say that not only was it extremely easy to work with him, but he was both fast AND affordable. I highly recommend Jason if you have any need to get a valuation done for your business!

A One-stop-shop For Selling a Practice

I successfully sold my practice in 3 short months and got the exact selling price I wanted!

None of this could have happened without Jason Luban. There are so many moving parts and different pieces to selling a practice that most people don’t even know exist, myself included. Jason was able to guide and support me through all of the tough decisions I needed to make. His expertise and experience are one of a kind. His kindness and generosity also played a part in helping me feel comfortable and at ease through the whole process.

And Jason’s fees are minimal compared to what I would have spent on brokers, lawyers and other fees if I did it on my own.

Jason is definitely a one-stop-shop for selling a practice and I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in selling a business.

Annie Spindler (Former) Owner, Serenity Health

Success After The Broker Failed

It cost me around a thousand dollars to list and evaluate my practice with a broker. I was totally green to the process of selling a business, and although using a broker helped get my feet wet and gave some mild understanding of the process it proved unsuccessful. Mostly I got people kicking the tires, low-balling, information seeking for their own ends and unqualified unrealistic candidates.

After a couple years of with a stale listing on a broker's website, I heard about Jason at Selling A I looked at his site. He seemed generous, experienced, and well informed with his information. I reached out and after a long conversation I knew I found someone I could trust. We started the process of finding a buyer, which was much of what the avatar exercise had me imagine.

Jason ultimately coached me and my buyer through the rest of the process, including the generation of seven drafts of our sales contract and an attorney's hair-splitting review. He was insightful, flexible, and knowledgeable. He set both me and my buyer at ease, and the cost was very reasonable, transparent, and affordable. I highly recommend him and the free resources at to anyone who is interested in buying or selling a medical practice.

Cameron Bishop DAOM, L. Ac

Thinking Through the Pre-Sales Process

If you are pondering or planning selling your practice, I strongly recommend reading & researching’s extensive Library, and then contact them! You will find the people at thoughtful, experienced and concise. The perfect guides one could only dream of. My issue was messy & complicated- they listened, and helped me clearly prioritize my ‘next steps’. Wherever you are in your pre-sale process contact I’m so happy I did!

Cynthia Cates Acupuncturist

Expert Knowledge & Assistance

The sale is finally done! I received the last payment yesterday. The whole process of selling the practice was way more complicated than I had imagined. I guess I was clueless about what was involved. But thanks to your EXPERT knowledge and assistance, everything went smoothly. It's been a real pleasure to work with you. There were times when I didn't even know what question to ask. But you were there with an answer. I am sincerely grateful for your help. I have already referred your name and website to someone else. I'm so glad that I got connected with you!

Jake Avancena (Former) Owner, Acupuncture Advantage Care

Making a Stressful Situation Smooth & Easy

When we got the news that we would be relocating out of state, our first thought was "it will take months to sell my practice and we have no idea where to start." That was when I read about Jason in one of the medical business forums I follow on Facebook. After spending a few hours going over some helpful information on his website, I decided to contact him. He is so knowledgeable and thorough. He helped me from start to finish, from appraising the practice all the way to finding the right buyer, negotiating price and terms, developing and going over legal aspects of the contract, and transitioning to the new owner. The way he handled the entire process made an otherwise very stressful situation so easy. Needless to say, seller and buyer are very happy with the outcome.

Fabiola Medeiros (Former) Owner, Natural Healing Wellness Center

Getting to 'Yes'

Through Jason's mediation between myself and my potential buyer, he transformed a tricky, frustrating situation into an opportunity for growth, movement and abundance. Who could do this better than a warm, skilled veteran of both successful medicine and business? He is able to listen and advise from the caring integrity of a practitioner, with a keen eye on the pertinent details. Working with him got to the heart of difficult money and business decisions, leading ultimately to the best outcome for my health and happiness. We are lucky to have him in this field and I'd highly recommend consulting with him.

Brooke Moen Functional Medicine

From Zero to Sold ASAP

After a great new job opportunity landed in my lap, I was faced with the need to sell my acupuncture practice in a very short amount of time. After calling three broker firms (with no call backs to speak of), I found I felt encouraged but still panicked.

Boy am I glad I called! From the very first point of contact, Jason was my cheerleader. He was clear and detailed about how he could help me and let me know I could use his services as much or as little as possible, depending on the stage of the process. He was able to translate otherwise complicated information in a way that was easy for me to understand.

Needless to say, I used Jason’s services from beginning to end and couldn’t be happier. Thanks to his help, I’ve found the perfect buyer with time to spare. Not only does he understand the intricacies of selling a medical practice, but his kindness and genuine desire to help others is beyond apparent. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have found Jason. Now I can move forward onto my next endeavor with confidence that my practice is in good hands (and not to mention a lot of cash in my pocket!) Thank you Jason!!!!!!!!!

Kate Fleming (Former) Owner, Eastern Traditions Acupuncture

From A to Z

At first I called just to ask for a few suggestions on how to sell my practice. A few short months later, I was walking out the door of my office for the last time. We used Selling A Practice to do everything: Advertise the sale, negotiate the terms with our buyer, draw up the contract, and transition me out with minimum attrition. I love my buyer, my patients are happy, and I'm free! All with far more service (and for much less money) than I would have had to pay a broker. I couldn't be happier!

Jane Cohen Chiropractor

A Breath of Fresh Air

I had sold another practice with [popular broker]. Their response rate was sluggish and I often felt alone in this process, despite paying them a healthy percentage of the clinic sale. I was clearly told that my practice, since it was small was not as important to them as bigger practices they were selling. Additionally I thought some of the money I was paying them would save me from needing a lawyer, as they gave me sale contracts. However, it turned out I needed a lawyer additionally who was so frustrated by their contracts which did not hold up legal standards so I had to pay my lawyer to draw up proper legal contracts additionally to paying the broker.

In comparison, Jason is a joy to work with, he knows each step of the practice sales process well and also listens to and understands what is going on for the seller. He was incredibly responsive, cared about me and my practice and delivered high quality work in less paid hours than I expected and with incredible turnaround times. I felt very supported! Furthermore he doesn't take any percentage of my clinic sale, he charges for his hours he works. This is such a breath of fresh air in the business of practice sales. He has well thought out methods to get the information about the practice sale out to the correct target audience and his website link which he creates is infinitely more informative than the listing I had on [popular broker's] site. Furthermore it allows for adding many pictures and a video, which is really helpful for any buyer. Once you are ready to sell your practice contact him and he will do a free consultation to answer all of your questions! You will not be dissapointed.

Carola Stepper

Transitioning Without Attrition

I found out about the practice I bought when I received a postcard sent by Usually I put those things in my trash can immediately, but this one was very easy to see and made me interested in checking up on the related website. Everything was outlined very well and it was easy for me to understand the value of the practice.

The seller, coached by Jason at SellingAPractice, thought about my side of the deal so much that the transition was very smooth and comfortable for me. I am retaining over 90% of the former owner's loyal patients and my practice is blessed with lots of joy and happiness. But without the methods Jason suggested, this would have been harder for me to achieve, especially in the first year after getting this new practice.

If you are looking to sell or buy a practice, you will not find any better person than Jason to consult with and get good advice from. He has something different to offer than just being a consultant. He thinks from your point of view, and he deeply cares about you when you buy the practice, even when he is working for the seller. He works with you to get the best results and you will not regret working with him.

I can only tell you this as I am the witness of his thoughtfulness and kindness to both me and my husband as buyers, and also the patients, whose experience he cared deeply about.

Mimi Ishimaru, PhD, ND, LAc Complementary Medicine

Mediation, Negotiation, & Conflict Resolution

Jason was an incredibly helpful resource in the midst of a difficult mediation between myself and another practitioner. He always responded to emails within minutes, had great business insight and rationale, and quickly helped us to come to agreement and find a peaceful, win-win resolution. Our situation required numerous phone calls, many emails and hours of mediation, much of which we were not charged for. Jason was remarkably attentive throughout the entirety of the process. Our interactions were not limited to just the legality of the situation though. Jason made room for the emotional component that can sometimes come with these events as well. He was supportive and reassuring from beginning to end. Jason's guidance was absolutely invaluable, I would highly recommend his services!

Hanna DeFuria Acupuncturist

Partnership Buy-out was extremely easy to work with during the sale of my company. I co-owned a healthcare corporation where I was 50/50 partners with my business associate and Jason was very knowledgeable in how to sell my portion of the business to my partner. He put our minds at ease during the initial phone consultation where he took the time to explain the process to us and gave us great advice on what to expect in the coming months and what steps we needed to take to make the transition smooth. He also gave us a helpful guide/check list so that we were able to make sure everything was complete on our end as well as a contract to legally finalize everything. I would definitely contact SellingAPractice again if I ever find myself either buying or selling a medical practice in the future.

Jenna Ferraiolo, MS, LAc (Former) Co-Owner, Earth & Air Wellness

From Valuation to Contract, to Transitioning & Beyond

I initially thought selling my practice and doing all the paperwork and such was daunting and overwhelming. However, Jason relieved the stress the minute I talked to him for the first time! I was so comforted to find out that Jason had bought and sold acupuncture practices before. After he did my practice evaluation, he came up with a fair contract that both me and my buyer were very happy with. He gave me valuable advice and went many extra miles to help me with my business sale and the affairs related to my business relocation (he even helped me find my mortgage broker when I was looking to relocate!). I can't thank him enough for his extremely professional (and freely given) knowledge in both acupuncture practice and in business sales. His price is way more affordable than hiring a broker or a lawyer and his work is impeccable. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to sell or buy a medical practice. is truly a blessing to have in our community!

Liping Zhu (Former) Owner, Qi Dragon Healing Center in San Francisco

Heart-felt Gratitude

How to begin with my GRATITUDE for Jason doing what he does in the world so beautifully with integrity, timeliness, accuracy, and with heart. When I decided to sell my practice, I found an article in Acupuncture Today with Jason’s information on it. We set up a time to talk and he listened. Carefully.

What I really appreciate about Jason is how he runs his business. He charges for his services by his valuable time, so you only pay for what you need. I chose to do parts of the prep and the sale myself that I felt confident with. He is an amazing consultant and with you every step of the way that you want him to be there (or not). He has been in the health care field as a practitioner and he has walked so many through the sale of their practices.

Although we never met in person, it was a HUGE relief amidst changes and stresses outside of either of our control to have him in my corner and someone to call and receive wise counsel. Personally I did not need a lawyer and I and my buyer were very happy with the contract he wrote up.

No matter the challenges that came my way, Jason always was able to find ways to move forward. At one point I had given up hope and he said “give me 2 weeks and I'll do a hail mary” and he redoubled his efforts on my behalf. In 3 days I had 6 people interested and one of them bought my practice quickly, easily, and joyfully. If I had given up I would not be on sabbatical now.

To say Thank You doesn’t feel like it will ever be enough. Thank You Jason for giving me an opportunity to sell my practice to an amazing practitioner. Now that my clients are taken care of, I can truly rest and see what the next part of my journey will bring. Don’t hesitate to reach out to talk to Jason and see if you all are a match to work together. It’s SO worth your time if you are thinking or know you want to sell your practice.

Whitney Madden Owner, Source for Well-Being, LLC

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