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Unique opportunity to own a lucrative all-cash acupuncture practice.

Step into this rare, once-in-a-lifetime, turn-key opportunity to run the practice of your dreams. Call or email us today, come by and spend some time with us, and be thriving in a couple of short months!


About Us

Rare opportunity to take over a lucrative, all-cash, high-net practice in Melbourne, Florida. 

Health for Life Wellness Center (Health for Life), currently the acupuncture and herbal medicine practice of Sylvie Morin, is located in the heart of Florida’s beautiful mid-Atlantic coastline. With a diverse population, a large sector of health-conscious people, and consistent return business, the opportunity to have an abundant practice drawing from a major metropolitan area is available from the moment you step in.

Imagine making over $140,000 per year, all cash, working only 2 full days per week, with long weekends and up to three weeks of vacation every year. No additional marketing necessary—the reputation of this practice keeps a steady flow of new patients streaming in. 



Add more hours, accept insurance, or split the purchase with a colleague and you have the chance to instantly add even more success to an already prosperous practice. Low overhead, years of records, and consistent patient flow mean you’ll continue to keep your costs predictably low.

Whether you are a practitioner who is just starting out, or an established clinician with some years under your belt, Health for Life offers you the chance to hit the ground running. 

Step into this rare, once-in-a-lifetime, turn-key opportunity to run the practice of your dreams in one of the most beautiful and fastest-growing areas in the country. Call or email us today, come by and spend some time with us, and be thriving by the end of the summer.

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  • The Setting
  • Patient Demographics
  • Modalities Utilized
  • Income/Expenses
  • Pricing/Terms
  • Opportunities for Growth
  • Photos and Video
  • $97,500 OBO. The asking price is based on a conservative professional valuation of just under $160,000.
  • The owner’s motivation to sell in a timely fashion has allowed her to generously factor in a discount of more than 40% off of the valued price for potential attrition and start-up costs on change of ownership. She expects the right person will retain the patients and transition smoothly, making this a great opportunity for the buyer.
  • The purchase of the practice will be structured as an asset purchase agreement and may be drawn up between buyer and seller (preferred) or by attorneys, at the discretion and by agreement of both parties.
  • Approval of the buyer is subject to a credit check, and loans from medical practice brokers, banks, or the Small Business Administration (SBA) may be available to finance the transaction depending on the buyer’s creditworthiness.
  • The seller may also be willing to hold a loan for the right buyer.
  • The current owner of the practice also owns the office and is happy to write up a lease with the buyer, and/or offer the office for sale if the buyer is interested.
  • A buyer interested in both the office and the practice will be afforded more flexibility with pricing and terms.
  • Upon purchase, the new owner will receive patient records and relevant equipment, in addition to supplement inventory.
  • The current owner will also transfer clinic-related intellectual property including the clinic phone number, website, Facebook page, claimed Yelp page, MedicFusion EHR system, Mailchimp mass email program, medical records, and clinic-related financials.
  • Some equipment such as the clinic’s hyperbaric chamber and infrared sauna may be added to the purchase by mutual agreement.
  • The practice currently has three employees. One is a W-2 employee who has been with the practice for 15 years, working 32 hours per week. She is a qualified RN, and has tasks including the removal of needles, giving B12 injections, as well as cupping and bleeding procedures. She also does some charting, orders medical supplies, encapsulates herbs, does patient education, restocks rooms and takes care of the laundry. This employee recently semi-retired and is now working part-time (15hours/week) with a plan to fully retire at the end of 2021 when she turns 65ys old.
  • The two other employees get 1099s. The first is a massage therapist who manages the front office and reception desk when not doing reflexology or foot detox treatments. The other works remotely managing social media and coordinating speaking events for the owner.
  • Beyond these employees, the owner also sublets office space to several tenants in allied professions.
  • All employees and tenants are aware of the potential sale and may be interested in assisting with the transition and/or staying on with the practice if so desired by the new owner.
  • The current owner’s goal is to surrender the practice by the end of 2019. She would be willing to stay on for a limited time to assist in the transition, if so desired by the new owner, at no additional cost.

Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to take over an amazing mostly-cash practice in Melbourne, Florida. Fill out the contact form below, call (321) 302-3053, or click here to email us today.

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